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Oh my GOD . I can't BELIEVE people even know about this band! I had not thought about them in YEARS from my East Village days when my friend Harrold Pook (Harry Crosby) played in 'a band', SWANS. I can't believe 20 years later pple are into it! When I saw this tribe i had to investigate if it was the same band, of course Harry played in Swans when I knew him, mid 80s, and I think his last album was the last $ album HOLY MONEY. Wonder where old Harold Pook is? Right lovely chap, he ! I once gave him a buzz cut! Harold, are you out there ?
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    Tue, April 19, 2005 - 11:51 AM
    In 1984, he joined the band The Swans, where he played bass guitar. After 1989, he stayed away from show business and worked in investment banking. Then in 2000 he appeared in A Bing Crosby Christmas in a tribute to his father. Harry worked for the investment company Merill Lynch, and on September 11 he was in a building right next to the World Trade Center. Luckily he wasn't harmed, and he appeared on NBC and ABC to discuss the attacks. Harry currently lives in New York with his wife, Lisa. I hope this helps. Cheers

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